In Nepal’s embrace, where mountains kiss the sky,

A land of mystic charm, where dreams learn to fly.

Majestic peaks, with crowns of snow,

Stand tall and proud, where eagles soar and rivers flow.

From the terraced fields of emerald green,

To the bustling streets, where colors gleam.

In every corner, a story to tell,

Of ancient kingdoms and legends that swell.

Oh, Nepal, with your temples grand,

Where prayers rise like incense, to the heavens they span.

Boudhanath’s eyes, watching over all,

Swayambhunath’s stupa, standing proud and tall.

In the tranquil valleys, where peace resides,

And the air is filled with prayer flags’ gentle strides.

Annapurna’s grace, in the morning light,

Paints a picture of serenity, pure and bright.

From the laughter of children, to the elders’ wise gaze,

Nepal’s spirit shines through, in myriad ways.

A tapestry of cultures, woven with care,

Each thread a symbol, of love and prayer.

In Nepal’s heart, where kindness reigns supreme,

And strangers are welcomed, as part of the dream.

In every smile, a warmth that’s true,

A reminder of the beauty, that resides in you.

Oh, Nepal, with your mountains high,

And your spirit soaring, towards the endless sky.

In every sunrise, a promise anew,

Of hope and joy, forever true.

So let us sing, in praise of Nepal’s grace,

And honor her beauty, in every place.

For in her embrace, we find our home,

A land of wonder, where dreams are known.

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