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In Nepal’s lands where mountains rise high,

Underneath the open sky,

A motorbike roars with gleaming pride,

Through streets where beauty doth reside.

The roads, they twist, they turn, they bend,

With every mile, a journey to transcend,

Though bumpy, rough, and filled with dust,

The motorbike rides on, in faith and trust.

Through valleys deep and rivers wide,

With every throttle, a joyous stride,

For in the heart of every rider true,

Beats a love for the ride, old and new.

Freedom whispers in the wind’s soft breath,

As riders embrace the road’s sweet depth,

Their souls untethered, soaring high,

Beneath the vast and open sky.

Yet, amidst the thrill, there’s pain to bear,

As every pothole becomes a snare,

But still, they ride, undeterred and strong,

Their spirit resilient, their love a song.

For in the end, it’s not just the destination,

But the journey itself, a sweet sensation,

Of adventures had, and stories told,

In the land where motorbikes roam bold.

So, ride on, dear traveler, ride with glee,

Through Nepal’s streets, wild and free,

For in the beauty of each winding road,

Lies the essence of life, a treasure to behold.

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