How does Saayog work? Everything to know about the food and grocery delivery app

Saayog is an on-demand food delivery service that works with local restaurants to bring food to homes and offices. Saayog orders are delivered in a way that makes it easier for restaurants to get into the delivery business.

How Saayog works

Saayog delivers hyperlocal food throughout Nepal from hundreds of restaurants. The company works with restaurants, letting them set menu prices, but controlling the delivery and service fees themselves.

Saayog hosts a number of different restaurants.

Saayog differs from other apps in that it does not require restaurants to employ their own delivery drivers for orders placed through the app. Instead, Saayog employs its own fleet of independent delivery workers – called Saayogi – who are paid through tips, delivery fees, and by completing “challenges.”

By eliminating the need to hire their own delivery employees, restaurants are able to start a delivery business more easily.

Restaurants must pay Saayog to use their drivers and receive orders through the app. If a restaurant chooses to work with Saayog, they may pay a monthly fee, a flat fee per order, or a commission based on the amount of money they earn.

We use these fees to pay Saayogi, maintain the Saayog platform, process credit card transactions, advertise and market, and more. 

Through Saayog, restaurants have multiple choices about how they provide delivery services. In addition to its app, Saayog’s Storefront service allows customers to order directly from the restaurant’s website. With Saayog Drive, restaurants can handpick Saayogi to assist with large orders, such as catering platters. Furthermore, Saayog allows restaurants to make all deliveries exclusively through the app.

If restaurant operators need data analytics, Saayog offers standalone tools like a Saayog Order Manager for delivery sales. This can help them gain better insight into their business and help them make informed decisions. Restaurants can track sales, adjust menus, and track metrics like total sales, average order size, and most popular menu items through the Saayog Merchant Portal. 

Merchants can run their businesses more efficiently with Saayog’s suite of services. 

Specifically, Saayog is beneficial for customers: it enables restaurants in the local area to order and deliver food quickly. Saayog’s mobile app or website allows you to search for local restaurants, browse their menus, and track the delivery of your order as your driver picks it up and delivers it.

There is no guarantee each restaurant’s entire menu will be available on Saayog – the restaurant gets to pick its online menu. Due to the fact that they do not manage their own delivery drivers, any issues you have with delivery must be addressed directly with Saayog, not the restaurant.

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